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We are the first slideshow based advert delivery engine that doesn't use Flash.

Our unique advertising lets you produce high-quality, animated ads in minutes without 3rd party developers. Convey your message to everyone, today!
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Get Slide Video

Slide Video

Our revolutionary feature allows you to embed videos into your slideshow adverts.

We do not use Flash, so our animated slideshows and the videos that you embed will work on all major devices and in all major browsers, giving you the advantage over other display ad formats.

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More in one place

More in one place

With unlimited slides you can place more content into any space for no extra cost!

Have unlimited, fully animated slides and slide content, with clean styling and eye-catching animations. You can fit more information into one ad space than ever before!

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Quick creation, low cost

Quick creation, NO cost!

Our online editor enables you to create ads in minutes! And everything is FREE!

We're in Beta testing, so everything is FREE! And our online editor lets you change your advert at any time. You can even publish your changes instantly!

Why choose Slide My Way?

  • Unique JavaScript and HTML based animated display advertising
  • Full compatibility for all major browsers and mobile devices as it doesn’t use any non-standard third party software.
  • Easy setup for websites and advertisers
  • A broader reach for your adverts due to its high compatibility and use of existing web standards that are in ALL major browsers.
  • Low cost, low entry advertising with minimal time required to create your first advert.
Compatibility with all major devices and browsers!
Real time analytics at your fingertips.

Slide Video. A more effective way to share.

  • Include videos in your slides and animate text, watermarks or even the video itself, all with our easy to use editor!
  • No buffering icons as you can add a poster image to display instead!
  • And all at no extra cost.

Cost effective advertising with minimal input

At Slide My Way we provide a high quality ad creation service for a fraction of the price of all leading industry competitors. Our adverts are compatible with all major browsers and unlike any other display ad, can be created within minutes!

Advertise in a new and innovative way that really gets you noticed.

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